Heavy Duty 42" Cap Shelf

Model# GM42CAP

This Heavy Duty Shelf measures 42" Wide and is 16" Deep (see fig 1). It also incorporates two steel rods that connect to the underside of the shelf providing substantial strength. This shelf is designed only to be used in conjunction with the two styles of Inter-LOK cabinets. It cannot be installed as a "stand alone" shelf that can be installed without connecting to cabinets on both the left and right side as shown in the image below. As you plan and select the ideal layout for your garage, you will see how the 42" Cap Shelf connects one cabinet to another providing valuable storage and work space (see fig 2).

The 42" Cap Shelf can be assembled in minutes. Tools required are a Stud Finder and Phillips Screwdriver. A rubber mallet will come in handy for tapping the supportive steel rods into place on the underside of the shelf.

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